JCA boasts extensive experience in providing regular and one-off cleaning for your home or rental property. We adhere to the industry’s highest standards and comply with a policy of ensuring that your domestic cleaning requirements are met promptly.

There is a great need for professional house cleaners in Perth, WA, for domestic cleaning, and cleaning rental vacate properties.

As every landlord knows, any rental property left vacant is not bringing in income. But prospective tenants are truly turned off by premises that are dirty or in need of painting or repairs. Being able to show your rental property in spick and span condition is almost guaranteed to have tenants lining up to sign on the dotted line.

Professional domestic cleaning services
Our professional domestic cleaning services and end of lease cleaners ensure that your home or rental property is in pristine condition. If you work full time and have children to care for as well, the house can easily get dirty as you struggle to cope with the work load. We have professional home cleaners that can come to your home and do a great job of cleaning for you, to give you that extra time you need to relax or spend with your spouse.

Many working women think they have to do it all, but that is not true. You need to leave time for relationships with your spouse and children as well as have time for yourself, otherwise you’ll suffer from burnout.  Having a house cleaner in every so often or on a regular basis can make a big difference to your life.

Customised domestic cleaning solutions
Our customised residential cleaning solutions will ensure you get the kind of cleaning suited to your needs at a time convenient to you.  Whether it is just the windows that you need the grime removed from, carpets that needs to be shampooed, or a full general clean, we can devise the right plan for you.

Our clients appreciate being able to customise their cleaning plan so they don’t pay for things that they don’t need. We understand each client has specific needs and are happy to discuss with you just what is needed so your plan will be unique to you and suitable for your needs.

Builders and property developers also have special needs for house cleaning so their new property is spick and span before any buyers come to inspect it. We work with them to ensure their property has everything needed to make it clean for inspections.

Reliable, honest and proactive
Everyone wants to deal with people who are honest and reliable; it saves them costs, time and worry when they know exactly what they will get and when they’ll get it – and they know there’ll be no nasty surprises when it comes time to pay. 

We make sure our customers know exactly what they’ll get when we work through a cleaning schedule with them. We are always upfront and transparent about all the cleaning services we offer and pride ourselves on our reliability and honesty in all sectors of our business.

We are also proactive in coming to you after the job is done to ensure everything is as you expected. If there are any areas that you are not happy with, we ensure those things are fixed and if you suddenly realise you didn’t include a specific part or area of your home that needed cleaning, we’ll add that into the plan for you.

We are also proactive with our cleaning solutions, choosing only products that are environmentally friendly, so we don’t leave your home full of toxic fumes that can cause asthma, hay-fever, itch and other health problems. Such products are also kind to the environment when they are washed into the waterways, so our domestic cleaning activities are friendly to both our clients and the world we live in.